The Shanghai Motor Show 2013 offers automakers the opportunity to generate buzz among their cars geared for the Chinese market. Some carmakers also use the show to unveil their global products that may have sharp interest from Chinese consumers. Like any other auto show across the globe, this year’s Shanghai Motor Show had plenty of tech-forward reveals.

Buick Riviera Concept


Buick is no stranger to China. In fact, the mid-luxury marque is consistently one of GM’s most successful brands there. This new Riviera Concept previews what is to come from Buick and, we have to say, it looks great. The flow of the swooping lines over the body seem to reflect Buick’s classic waterfall grille.

“The new Riviera offers a preview of Buick’s future design language,” said Shanghai GM President Ye Yongming. “By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, flexible functions and contemporary aesthetics, the new Riviera heralds the start of a new chapter for the 110-year-old Buick brand.”


Power comes from a dual-mode wireless plug-in hybrid electric vehicle propulsion system, and the car is said to be able to charge wirelessly by driving over a special charging mat. There have been other prototypes to use this charging concept, but never before on a Buick.

Inside, the Riviera sports a 4G LTE data connection for real-time traffic info, weather, and even connecting to other vehicles. Ten high-resolution cameras and 18 micro sensors integrate driver assist and safety systems, and Riviera also has four-wheel steering, magnetorheological suspension, and air springs for handling and comfort.

Icona Vulcano


Weighing in at less than 3,600 pounds, and putting out between 870 and 950 hp, the Vulcano from Icona might just have some worried in Maranello.

Powertrain options range from a gasoline-powered V12 to a hybrid system, available in either RWD or AWD. The 0-60 mph time is said to be 2.9 or 3.0 seconds, and top speed is ostensibly 217 mph.


“As different ideas came together, the most challenging design issue which we faced was how to create a balance between power and beauty…The way we found the right balance was usually by looking for the greatest simplicity” said Samuel Chuffart, design director of Icona.

Aside from the radical design and powertrain options, we’re also excited to see the interior’s fully digital dashboard and gauge cluster. For now, the photo is just a render, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Venucia Viwa Concept EV


Venucia, owned by Dongfeng-Nissan–itself a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Company, is a partnership between the two automakers to develop cars for the Chinese market. The Viwa EV is based on Nissan March platform and EV tech from Nissan. To provide a reference point, if this were to be shipped to the U.S. it would compete directly with the Chevy Spark EV.

The Viwa EV is part of an effort to satisfy China’s new energy vehicle policy.


“Environmental protection is the key to the future success for every car company,” said Ren Yong, deputy managing director of DFL-PV. “We will continue our efforts to improve fuel economy of our gasoline engines and promote the commercialization of new energy vehicles.”

We assume much of the research and development that went into Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle could directly benefit Viwa.

Detroit Electric SP:01

Detroit Electric's SP:01 electric roadster

Detroit Electric’s SP:01 electric roadster

Although the video above was from a local debut in Michigan, Detroit Electric’s SP:01 electric roadster took the international stage for the first time in Shanghai.

Hoping to become the world’s fastest pure-electric production sports car, the SP:01 boasts a top speed of 155 miles per hour, and can reach 60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds. Drawing obvious comparisons to the retired Tesla Roadster, the SP:01’s carbon fiber body contributes to a total weight of only 2,354 pounds–about 500 lbs lighter than the Tesla. That’s light enough to squeeze out 180 miles of all-electric range.

A mid-mounted 201 horsepower electric motor delivers 166 lb-ft of torque and recharging the 37 kWh battery pack takes only 4 hours.

“The SP:01 will be exclusive, luxurious and technologically advanced,” said Albert Lam, Detroit Electric’s Chairman and Group CEO. “It is a milestone in the history of the Detroit Electric brand, but also a significant development for the international EV sector. The car will allow us to demonstrate to the world our ability to build an exciting and innovative product, one that displays outstanding performance coupled with strong green credentials, and which delivers an exhilarating driving experience.”

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