Mercedes researchers say they are reacting to the global super trend for high tech and health and fitness and the need for work/life balance. New Mercedes S class offers innovations such as an on-board scent diffuser and ‘energising’ massage seats, as our detailed look below explains.

high tech Mercedes Benz S class

high tech Mercedes Benz S class


The instrument binnacle is made up of two 12.3-inch TFT screens. The left display shows — in digital form — conventional speedo and revcounter dials, and on the right is the control screen/multimedia/sat-nav display. Ambient lighting makes the instruments appear free-standing.

high tech Mercedes Benz S class dash board

high tech Mercedes Benz S class dash board


The unusual two-spoke wheel design will be unique to the S-class, says Mercedes. As in most luxury cars, the wheel can be heated, but the S-class will also have the option of heated armrests.

high tech Mercedes Benz S class

high tech Mercedes Benz S class


A new individual climate control system called Thermotronic seems optimised for polluted Chinese cities. Two combined filters feature, one for fine dust and one made from activated charcoal filters. An ionising system can filter out various viruses and spores while freshening the air.

high tech Mercedes Benz S class interior

high tech Mercedes Benz S class interior

The front seats are said to be 20kg lighter, mainly thanks to a new steel and plastic construction method. They can be specified with a ‘Comfort’ package that mimics a hot-stone massage. Mercedes builds the E-class and S-class seats in-house. The current E-class has 300,000 possible seat specifications. The new S-class will have “considerably more”.


The range-topping sound system has been designed with top-end hi-fi manufacturer Burmester. It has 24 speakers and 1540 watts of power and uses a new design of bass bin. The 3D setting is said to provide an extraordinary sound stage that makes passengers think they’re surrounded by instruments playing the music.


Mercedes engineers have gone to extreme lengths to reduce the amount of interior noise that is transmitted into the S-class cabin. To that end, torsional stiffness has been increased by 14 per cent, lateral bending by 11 per cent and vertical bending by 17 per cent.


The S-class includes a built-in atomiser, which diffuses scents into the cabin. It’s a £3000 option and Mercedes has worked with perfume specialist Marc vom Ende, who has developed five scents specifically for the car. The refills cost approximately £45, but they should last about 7000 miles.

high tech Mercedes Benz S class history

high tech Mercedes Benz S class history

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