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Conventional Long Name: Republic of Yemen

Native Name: ?????????? ?????????, ''ar/DIN-31635/al-Jumh?riyyah al-Yamaniyyah''

Common Name: Yemen

Image Flag: Flag of Yemen.svg

Image Coat: Coat of arms of Yemen.svg

Symbol Type: Emblem

Image Map: Yemen (orthographic projection).svg

National Motto:

National Anthem: ,

Official Languages: Arabic

Demonym: Yemeni (disambiguation)

Capital: Sana'a

Government Type: Unitary state Presidential system

Leader Title 1: President of Yemen

Leader Name 1: Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi

Leader Title 2: Prime Minister of Yemen

Leader Name 2: Mohammed Basindawa

Legislature: House of Representatives (Yemen)

Area Rank: 50th

Area Magnitude: 1 E8

Area Km 2: 527,829

Area Sq Mi: 203,796

Percent Water: negligible

Population Estimate: 25,130,000

Population Estimate Year: 2011

Population Estimate Rank: 96th

Population Census: 25,130,000

Population Census Year: April 2011

Population Density Km 2: 44.7

Population Density Sq Mi: 115.7

Population Density Rank: 160th

GDP PPP Year: 2011

GDP PPP: $57.966 billion
GDP PPP Per Capita: $2,306
GDP Nominal: $33.675 billion
GDP Nominal Year: 2011

GDP Nominal Per Capita: $1,340
Sovereignty Type: Establishment

Established Event 1: North Yemen independence from the Ottoman Empire

Established Date 1: , 1 November 1918

Established Event 2: South Yemen independence from the United Kingdom

Established Date 2: , 30 November 1967

Established Event 3: Yemeni unification

Established Date 3: 22 May 1990

Established Event 4: 2011 Yemeni revolution

Established Date 4: 27 January 2011

HDI Year: 2011

HDI: {{increase 0.462
HDI Rank: 154th

HDI Category:
FSI: 93.2 FSI year

FSI Rank: 24th

FSI Category:
Currency: Yemeni rial

Currency Code: YER

Country Code: YEM

Utc Offset: +3

Drives On: right{{cite web /url

Cctld: .ye

Calling Code: Telephone numbers in Yemen

The Republic of Yemen (Arabic: ??U???U?U?U???U??(C) ??U?U?U?U?U??(C)a?? al-JumhA<Its capital and largest city is Sana'a. Yemen's territory includes over 200 islands, the largest of which is Socotra, about 354 km (220 mi) to the south of mainland Yemen. It is the only state in the Arabian Peninsula to have a purely republican form of government. Yemen was the first country in the Arabian peninsula to grant women the right to vote.Yemeni unification took place on 22 May 1990, when North Yemen was united with South Yemen, forming the Republic of Yemen.
The majority of Yemen's population is divided into tribal groups, especially in the northern areas of the country where 85% of local residents belong to various tribes There are also small groups of peoples of Turkish/Ottoman and possibly Veddoid origin in urban areas. The Majority of the population are Sunni Muslims following the Shafi'i school with a large minority adhering to the Zaidiyyah Islamic jurisprudence and small minorites of Jews and Ismali Muslims
One etymology derives Yemen from yamin, meaning "on the right side", as the south is on the right when facing the sunrise. Another derives Yemen from yumn, meaning "felicity", as the region is fertile. The Romans called it Arabia Felix (Happy Arabia) as opposed to Arabia Deserta (Deserted Arabia), which was their term for northern Arabia. Yemen was mentioned in Old South Arabian script as Yamnat particularly after the unification of the four dynasties of ancient Yemen by the Himyarite kings and it literally means "the south-land"
Yemen has long existed at the crossroads of cultures. It linked some of the oldest c

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