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Show Name: ''Summer Brothers , ????''

Director: Simon Long

Starring: William San, Remon Lim

Distributor: ntv7, Double Vision (company)

Released: 2012 (Malaysia)

Runtime: approx. 45 minutes

Country: Malaysia

Language: Standard Mandarin

Num Episodes: 30

Network: ntv7

First Aired: 12 July 2012

Last Aired: 6 September 2012

Preceded By: Unriddle 2

Followed By: Justice In The City (TV series)

Related: Forget Me Not (TV series) (2011)

Summer Brothers <> is a spin-off of popular series Forget Me Not, Summer Brothers reunites some original cast members such as Coby Chong, who plays Ah Di, a 28-year-old with a mentality of a 7-year-old, William San (Ah Dia??s brother Wei Zhong) and Remon Lim (Shu Xian, their mother).
Set against the backdrop of Malaysiaa??s favourite sport, Badminton, Summer Brothers chronicles the lives of long lost brothers, Wei Zhong and Ah Di, played by William and Coby, who were separated after the divorce of their parents 20 years ago. Ah Di who was diagnosed with mental disability when he was young, lives a poor but happy and peaceful life with his mother, Shu Xian (Remon). When Ah Dia??s mother finds out that she is about to die from her terminal cancer, she decides to unite the brothers. However, she lost Ah Di during their journey to Kuala Lumpur in search of his older brother. Ah Di is stranded but made new friends with Xiao Mei (Lim Jing Miao), a kind and naA?ve girl. With the uncanny rapport between them, the two become instant bosom buddies.
Xiao Meia??s parents passed away in a car accident and both her and her younger brother, Yu Cheng (Adrian) are forced to board at their relativea??s home. The siblings suffer through their dependence on others, but for the sake of his older sister, Yu Cheng endures the hardships thrown at him. Yu Cheng is a top student who has just graduated from school, but in order to make ends meet, he is forced to quit his studies to work. His only wish is none other than gaining independence to support his sister. Ah Di is envious of Xiao Mei and Yu Chenga??s relationship, which makes him reminisce the childhood spent with his brother.
Meanwhile, Ah Dia??s mother manages to locate Wei Zhong and informs him about Ah Dia??s disappearance. Wei Zhong is not only unmoved by the news, but has no intention to reunite with his brother. Many years ago, Wei Zhong encountered an accident that caused an irreversible injur

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