Meme of the Year, the surprisingly subversive Korean pop star Psy, has picked up a condo in Westwood’s Blair House tower, according to TMZ, and we believe we’ve nailed down the unit, so take a look around. It’s a two-bedroom, two and a half-bathroom condo on the south side of the fourth floor (Century City views!), plus a den, a “roomy balcony,” breakfast area, and laundry room. The building has a saline pool, a north/south tennis court, a gym, and 24-hour concierge. The unit traded hands in early November for its most recent asking price of $1.249 million (and crazy high monthly HOA dues of $2,141)–TMZ says Psy paid all-cash and plans to remodel the unit. · PSY HEYYYYYYYYYYY I Bought a Condo … In L.A. [TMZ]


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