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Trishelle Cannatella Net Worth is $500 Thousand.

Trishelle Cannatella Net Worth is $500 Thousand. What is Trishelle Cannatellas net worth? Trishelle Cannatellas net worth is $500 thousand dollars. Born in Cut Off, Louisiana, Trishelle Cannatella played multiple sports in high school, and attended c Trishelle Cannatella is an American reality TV contestant, Playboy model, and actress.
Cannatella was born on November 4, 1979, and raised in Cut Off, Louisiana. She is of French and Italian ancestry. She was raised as a Southern Baptist, and has described herself as a "momma's girl." Her mother, a devout Christian, took her family to church three or four times a week. When she was 14, her mother died from a brain tumor. Cannatella was on several athletic teams throughout her high school career at South Lafourche High School. After visiting her sister Buffy at The University of Southern Mississippi, Cannatella decided on that college, which she began attending at age 17, though she never finshed.
Sullen about the impending need to pay back her student loans as her graduation neared in 2002, Cannatella heard a radio ad for a show called Lost in the U.S., which offered a $50,000 prize. After auditioning for that project, she was invited to audition for The R...
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