Sun Guangxin Net Worth is3,100 $Million
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Native Name: ??

Conventional Long Name: Dong Wu

Common Name: Wu

Continent: Asia

Region: Pacific

Country: China

Era: Three Kingdoms

Status: Empire

Government Type: Monarchy

Year Start: 229

Year End: 280

Event Start: Establishment

Event End: Conquest of Wu by Jin

P 1: Han Dynasty

S 1: Jin Dynasty (265-420)

Event 1: Sun Quan declares himself emperor

Date Event 1: 229

Image Map: China 5.jpg

Image Map Caption: The territories of Eastern Wu (in green), AD 262

Capital: Wuchang District (222-229, 265-266), Nanjing (229-265, 266-280)

Common Languages: Old Chinese

Religion: Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion

Currency: Chinese coin, Chinese cash

Leader 1: Sun Quan

Leader 2: Sun Liang

Leader 3: Sun Xiu (emperor)

Leader 4: Sun Hao

Year Leader 1: 229 - 252

Year Leader 2: 252 - 258

Year Leader 3: 258 - 264

Year Leader 4: 264 - 280

Title Leader: Emperor of China

Stat Pop 1: 2,500,000

Eastern Wu, also known as Sun Wu, was one the three states competing for control of China during the Three Kingdoms period after the fall of the Han Dynasty. It was based in the Jiangnan (Yangtze River Delta) region of China. During its existence, its capital was at Jianye (a>>?ae?-; present-day Nanjing, Jiangsu), but at times it was also at Wuchang (ae-?ae??; present-day Ezhou, Hubei).
During the final years of the Han Dynasty, the Wu region - in the south of the Yangtze River surrounding present-day Nanjing - was under the control of the warlord Sun Quan. Sun Quan succeeded his brother Sun Ce as the lord over the Wu region paying nominal allegiance to Emperor Xian of Han (who was, at that point, under the control of Cao Cao). Unlike his competitors, he did not really have the ambition to be Emperor of China. However, after Cao Pi of Cao Wei and Liu Bei of Shu Han each declared themselves emperor, Sun Quan decided to follow suit in 229, claiming to have founded the Wu Dynasty.
Sun Quan's long reign resulted in the stabilizing of the south. Wu and Shu had a military alliance, to defeat Wei in the north. Wu never managed to gain territory north of the Yangtze River, but Wei never managed to take territory south of the river.
Wu was finally conquered by the Jin Dynasty in 280, which marked the reunification of China at the end of the Three Kingdoms period.
The culture of Eastern Wu was most solidified under the reign of Sun Quan (229-252). Migrations from the north and the needed settlement from the Shanyue barbarians made it possible for the increase in manpower, agriculture, and settling the lower most parts of Eastern Wu. Along with that, river transportation became a huge factor and flourished as Jiangnan and Zhedong canals were finished with construction. After the Battle of Xiaoting and during the invasions of Wu by Cao Pi in the 220's, Shu was able to reestablish their trade and relationships with the great Sun empire. Shu's cotton was a great influ

Sun Guangxin Latest News

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At end-2015, the company held a 37.3% stake in China's largest auto dealer by revenue, China Grand Automotive Services Co., Ltd. Founded in 1989, the unlisted Xinjiang Guanghui was 71.7% owned by the Mr. SUN Guangxin at end-2015. Mr. Sun is the chairman ...
Posted: September 28, 2016, 6:31 am

Sun Guangxin Net Worth

Sun Guangxin Net Worth: Sun Guangxin is a Chinese entrepreneur who has a net worth of $3 billion. Born in 1962, he is one of the richest people in China, who serves as Chairman and CEO of the Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment Group, a diversified company.
Posted: May 5, 2014, 2:02 am

Sun Guangxin

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Sun Guangxin

Mr. Sun Guangxin served as the Chairman and General Manager of Xinjiang Guanghui Enterprise Group (the predecessor of Guanghui Group) from September 1994 to August 2000. Mr. Guangxin served as the General Manager of Urumqi Guanghui Energy and Trade Company ...
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The Sun king

The 38-year-old entrepreneur Sun Guangxin is a dominant force in a diverse range of businesses in the remote Xinjiang region and he has ambitious plans to expand into other sectors over the coming decade. Sun Guangxin, chief executive of Guanghui Group ...
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