Image via The Hollywood ReporterGlee/American Horror Story/The New Normal showrunner Ryan Murphy is one of the more newly-minted players in the high-profile LA homebuying game–today he shows us what he’s done with a house formerly owned by the doyenne of the genre, Diane Keaton. Murphy bought the Ralph Flewelling-designed Spanish Colonial Revival in the Beverly Hills flats in late 2010 for $10 million, but he’d actually been eyeing it for ages, says The Hollywood Reporter, which has gotten a tour of the place: Murphy was in escrow on the house three and a half years ago, but ended up falling out. He’d thought it was too big, but now he’s married and hoping to have kids, and hosting big Obama fundraisers, so it all makes sense. Murphy and husband David Miller brought in designer Cliff Fong to design “eclectic interiors mixing ranch-inspired, period-correct furniture, contemporary art and photography and American Horror Story-worthy objects.” (Keaton had previously done a thorough renovation.) He says “Our mantra was, ‘What would Diane do?’ I’d say we changed 40 percent of it.” He loves it so much that “the sets he created for The New Normal are a near replica of his own house.” · Ryan Murphy Invites Fans Inside His Beverly Hills Home (Video) [THR] · Twofer! Diane Keaton Sells Her Ralph Flewelling, Her Lloyd Wright [Curbed LA]


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