Roxanne Quimby Net Worth is$350 Million
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What is Roxanne Quimbys net worth? Roxanne Quimbys net worth is $350 million dollars. Roxanne Quimby is the richest person in Maine. Born in Lexington, Massachusetts, Roxanne Quimby chose to focus on art during school, and moved to San Francisco to study art full-time. In the mid-70s, she moved to Maine with her then boyfriend, to focus on living a more rustic lifestyle. The pair built their own home, and grew their own food in the small town of Guildford, and had twins in 1978. Her boyfriend left soon after the birth of their children, and after meeting beekeeper Burt Shavitz in the early 80s, Ms. Quimby began making beeswax candles in order to supplement her income. The candles were quite successful initially, so she began developing a lip balm, as well. The lip balm, which was launched in 1991, proved to be a hit, and the company, known as Burts Bees, grew in profitability. She bought out Mr. Shavitz in 1993, and sold the company in 2007 for $350 million.
Roxanne Quimby is an American businesswomen notable for founding the Burt's Bees personal care products company with beekeeper Burt Shavitz.
Quimby was originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, a daughter of an engineer and salesman father. Although her family was business oriented, she initially took a different path, going to art school in San Francisco, where she was influenced by the "back to the land" ideas of Helen and Scott Nearing. In 1975 she and her boyfriend George St. Clair moved to Maine, bought a tract of land near Guilford, built a cabin and outhouse, and lived a rustic lifestyle. In 1978, the couple had twins; a little later, St Clair left the family. Eventually, she met Burt Shavitz and in 1984 began selling candles made of his beeswax at local fairs. After achieving a $20,000 profit the first year, the business grew steadily; in 1991 it introduced its best received product, a lip balm. In 1993, Quimby bought Shavitz's stake in the company; in 2003 she partially and in 2007 fully divested herself, leaving with an estimated total of $350 million.
After turning Burt's Bees over to outside investors, Quimby used her new fortune to deepen her long running conservation advocacy. The most visible action was the purchase of over 120,000 acres of Maine forest, which she then placed off limits to hunters, loggers, and other users. She has since proposed a donation of 70,000 acres of her land towards a new Maine Woods National Park. An additional donation of 30,000 acres would be managed like a state park and would allow activities such as hunting and snowmobiling.
As of 2011, she is a resident of Portland, Maine, where she leads a number of philanthropic organizations in the area.

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He leaves only to occasionally go on a promotional tour for the brand and no longer has any connection to its cofounder, Roxanne Quimby. In fact, he says in the film, he wishes to never speak to her again. Before he met Quimby or even had any bees ...
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Trump team nears decision on national monuments

Obama created the monument last year after Burt's Bees co-founder Roxanne Quimby purchased the land, then donated it to the federal government via her family's nonprofit foundation, Elliotsville Plantation Inc. In opposition to LePage is Elliotsville ...
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A Different Perspective on Mega Donors

Number 1 was Phil Knight, founder of Nike. 16 of the top 50 made their fortunes in finance. These are people like Michael Bloomberg and Roxanne Quimby, co-founder of Burt’s Bees. They are private equity and hedge fund investors. Most appear to me to be ...
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Roxanne Quimby's new focus: Making pasta

Burt's Bees co-founder Roxanne Quimby has a new business venture making small batches of pasta at her 25-acre farm in Gouldsboro, using locally grown kale, beets, carrots, chives and garlic and eggs from 100 cage-free hens. The Portland Press Herald ...
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27 National Monuments Are Under Review. Here Are Five to Watch.

Mr. Obama designated the monument in Maine’s North Woods in August 2016 on land donated by Roxanne Quimby, a co-founder of Burt’s Bees cosmetics. The announcement came a day after a nonprofit foundation run by Ms. Quimby, a longtime conservationist ...
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