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Paul Oakenfold tour dates and concert dates 2013

Date Location Venue Tickets
Sep 23 2017, 10:00pm Chicago, IL, US The Mid
306 N HALSTED, Chicago, IL, US
starting $234
Oct 28 2017, 10:00pm Portland, OR, US 45 East
315 SE 3rd Ave, Portland, OR, US
starting $75
Nov 24 2017, 3:30am San Bernardino, CA, US Nos Events Center
689 South E Street, San Bernardino, CA, US
check prices
Profession: Disc jockey, Record producer, Chef, Actor

Date of Birth: Aug 30, 1963

Nicknames: Paul Oakenfield, Paul Okenfold, Journeys By DJ, Oakenfold, Paul, Journey's By DJ, Oakenfold, Oakey

Country: United Kingdom

Net Worth: View Paul Oakenfold Net Worth

Paul Oakenfold is a British record producer and "trance" disc jockey with an estimated net worth of $55 million. His initial career path had him moving in a different direction - he wanted to be a chef. However, while still very young (just 21 years old), Oakenfold moved to Manhattan from England and settled in an apartment that was a short walk from Studio 54, a very hot and popular nightclub at the time that was frequented by celebrities and the rich and famous. Oakenfold managed to get into the club regularly and began to meet "important and well-known people." These new friendships led directly to his new career as a music producer in 1985. Since that time, Oakenfold has worked with many well-known British music groups and American rappers to produce a seemingly endless array of albums, many of which have been commercially successful. He remains actively engaged in this industry and is one of the busiest producers working today.
Paul Mark Oakenfold (born 30 August 1963) is an English record producer and a trance DJ.
Paul Oakenfold was set to be a chef, after having hopes of becoming part of a band. He describes his early life as a "bedroom deejay" in a podcasted interview with Vancouver's 24 Hours, stating he grew up listening to The Beatles. Later 21-year-old Oakenfold and Ian Paul moved to 254 West 54th Street. Studio 54's Steve Rubell ran the place and only allowed popular people inside. Oakenfold and Paul used fake passes to sneak into places in New York where they met Maze, Bobby Womack and Bob Marley, whom they also interviewed, claiming to be NME and Melody Maker journalists.
Oakenfold's musical career began in the late 1970s, when he started playing soul in a Covent Garden wine bar. Here, he met Trevor Fung as well as Rumours in London where he played Earth, Wind and Fire and popular British bands. In 1984, he spent several months in New York City's West Harlem. During this time hip-hop was the most popular sound in the area (see 1984 in music). He began breaking into the mainstream as he was working as an A&R man for Champion Records. At that time, he signed DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, as well as Salt-n-Pepa. Oakenfold appeared on the Blue Peter BBC programme for children with a breakdancing crew. He became a promoter and British agent for the Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C.. Since then, he appeared at The Project in Streatham playing soul and jazz music.
In 1987, Oakenfold travelled to the island of Ibiza for a week to celebrate his birthday. Trevor Fung, Nicky Holloway, Ian Saint Paul, Danny Rampling and Johnny Walker accompanied him. Oakenfold convinced the owner of a venue in England to host an "Ibiza Reunion" party after-hours. He had previously made an attempt, but it failed as the crowd was not prepared for the acid house style until 1987 when the party was successful. Since then, the night became a classic and became one of the UK's major acid house nights, kno

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Paul Oakenfold Latest News

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RITM's reach extended beyond the dancefloor as they crossed over into the rock and pop worlds with ease in the '90s, remixing tracks for the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins, Sarah McLachlan, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Stone Roses and Garbage. The RITM collective ...
Posted: August 17, 2017, 1:39 am

The Electronic Music Awards Nominations Are In For The 2017 Year

As dance music continues to grow in popularity, the Electronic Music Awards & Foundation announced the new show which will feature Paul Oakenfold as the executive producer. “I’m thrilled to be a part of an awards show that finally both recognizes and ...
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Paul Oakenfold to Publish The “Not Quite True” Story of His Life With His First Book

One of the progenitors of electronic music and platinum selling artist, Paul Oakenfold, is getting ready to tell the “not quite true” story of his life with his first ever book, a graphic novel. Z2 Comics announces The Wonderful World of Perfecto: With ...
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Paul Oakenfold and DJ Alfredo recorded in Ibiza

Paul Oakenfold and DJ Alfredo celebrate 30 years since The Trip with two special mixes recorded in Ibiza. Plus Pete chats to Avicii in Newsfeed about retirement and his new EP.
Posted: August 10, 2017, 4:04 pm

Superstar DJ Just Played a Gig in Everest

Paul Oakenfold is a superstar British DJ, whose iconic career has seen him play to massive crowds all over the world, host epic parties and collaborate with musical legends like U2, Moby, and The Rolling Stones. With his 30th anniversary of his first trip ...
Posted: August 7, 2017, 1:00 am
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