Real Estalker has dug up a listing for Pamela Anderson’s Malibu house on vacation rental site VRBO, and it doesn’t go the coy “celebrity-owned” route. Rather, it comes with a letter from Anderson saying “I’m finally willing to share my masterpiece–what I’ve co-created with a handful of green architects and designers/inspired by my favorite architect Lautner- this is my humble stab at perfection…” Yeah, the most shocking part of this listing isn’t that Pamela Anderson is using VRBO or that she’s asking $75,000 per month (it’s in the Malibu Colony!), but that this house is Lautner-inspired. The three bedroom, two and a half bathroom house has a saltwater pool, a swim-up wetbar, a roof deck, a sauna, teak siding, iPad control, a master with “a romantic, very Pammy, open-tub layout,” a closet “reminiscent of a boat,” and a tipi. Rent is $20,000 per week and $75k per month. · Romantic Malibu Beach House [VRBO] · Pam Anderson Puts Malibu Beach House Up for Rent [Real Estalker]


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