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Conventional Long Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Native Name: ur/{{line-height/2/{{Nastaliq/?????? ??????? ????????}}}} , ''Isl?m? Jumh?r?-ye P?kist?n''

Common Name: Pakistan

Image Flag: Flag of Pakistan.svg

Image Coat: Coat of arms of Pakistan.svg

Symbol Type: Emblem

Image Map: Pakistan (orthographic projection).svg

Map Caption: Area constituting Pakistan in dark green;claimed but uncontrolled territory in light green

Map Width: 220px

National Motto: Faith, Unity, Discipline
National Anthem: ''Qaum? Tar?na''

Official Languages: English Language, languages type

Languages: Punjabi language, Sindhi language, Pashto language, Balochi language, Saraiki language, Hindko language, Brahui language{{cite web/title

Demonym: Pakistani

Capital: Islamabad

Latd: 33/latm

Largest City: Karachi

Government Type: Federal republic Parliamentary democracy Parliamentary republic

Leader Title 1: President of Pakistan

Leader Name 1: Asif Ali Zardari

Leader Title 2: Prime Minister of Pakistan

Leader Name 2: Raja Pervaiz Ashraf

Leader Title 3: Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan

Leader Name 3: Nayyar Hussain Bukhari

Leader Title 4: Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan

Leader Name 4: Fahmida Mirza

Leader Title 5: Chief Justice of Pakistan

Leader Name 5: Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

Legislature: Parliament of Pakistan

Upper House: Senate of Pakistan

Lower House: National Assembly of Pakistan

Sovereignty Type: History of Pakistan

Established Event 1: Conception of Pakistan

Established Date 1: 29 December 1930

Established Event 2: Pakistan Declaration

Established Date 2: 28 January 1933

Established Event 3: Lahore Resolution

Established Date 3: 23 March 1940

Established Event 4: Pakistan Movement

Established Date 4: from the United Kingdom

Established Event 5: Independence Day (Pakistan)

Established Date 5: 14 August 1947

Established Event 6: Republic Day (Pakistan)

Established Date 6: 23 March 1956

Area Km 2: 796,095

Area Sq Mi: 307,374

Area Footnote: "Excludes data for Pakistani territories of Kashmir; Azad Kashmir ({{convert ({{convert/72520/km2/sqmi/disp

Area Rank: 36th

Percent Water: 3.1

Population Estimate: 180,440,005

Population Estimate Year: 2012

Population Estimate Rank: 6th

Population Density Km 2: 226.6

Population Density Sq Mi: 555

Population Density Rank: 55th

GDP PPP Year: 2011

GDP PPP: $488.580 billion
GDP PPP Per Capita: $2,787
GDP Nominal: $210.566 billion
GDP Nominal Year: 2011

GDP Nominal Per Capita: $1,201
HDI Year: 2011

HDI: url

HDI Rank: 145th

HDI Category:
Gini: 31.2

Gini Year: 2005

Gini Category:
Currency: Pakistani Rupee (Rs.)

Currency Code: PKR

Time Zone: Pakistan Standard Time

Utc Offset: +5

Time Zone DST: Daylight saving time in Pakistan

Utc Offset DST: +6 Not always observed – see Daylight saving time in Pakistan.

Drives On: lefturl

Cctld: .pk

Calling Code: Telephone numbers in Pakistan}} '''Pakistan''' (audio

Pakistan (i/E?pA?kE?stA?n/ or i/pE?E?kiE?stE?E?n/; Urdu: U 3/4 ??U?U???????U?a??) (Urdu pronunciation: [paE?kE?E?stI?aE?n] ( listen)), officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Urdu: ????U???U?U? ??U?U?U???U?U? U 3/4 ??U?U???????U?a??), is a sovereign country in South Asia. With a population exceeding 180 million people, it is the sixth most populous country in the world. Located at the crossroads of the strategically important regions of South Asia, Central Asia and Western Asia, Pakistan has a 1,046-kilometre (650 mi) coastline along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman in the south and is bordered by India to the east, Afghanistan to the west and north, Iran to the southwest and China in the far northeast. It is separated from Tajikistan by Afghanistan's narrow Wakhan Corridor in the north, and also shares a marine border with Oman.
The territory of modern Pakistan was home to several ancient cultures, including the Neolithic Mehrgarh and the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilisation, and has undergone invasions or settlements by Hindu, Persian, Indo-Greek, Islamic, Turco-Mongol, Afghan and Sikh cultures. The area has been ruled by numerous empires and dynasties, including the Indian Mauryan Empire, the Persian Achaemenid Empire, the Arab Umayyad Caliphate, the Mongol Empire, the Mughal Empire, the Durrani Empire, the Sikh Empire and the British Empire. As a result of the Pakistan Movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and India's struggle for independence, Pakistan was created in 1947 as an independent nation for Muslims from the regions in the east and west of India where there was a Muslim majority. Initially a dominion, Pakistan adopted a new constitution in 1956, becoming an Islamic republic. A civil war in 1971 resulted in the secession of East Pakistan as the new country of Bangladesh.
Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic consisting of four provinces and four federal territories. It is an ethnically and linguistically diverse country, with a simil

Pakistan Latest News

As Pakistan Marks 70 Years Of Independence, Its Minorities Struggle For Space

The children pile into the stadium in shiny clothes, clutching green-and-white Pakistani flags. Their parents light the area with cell phones to record the event as they scream, chant and cheer, watching soldiers close a gate that separates India from ...
Posted: August 14, 2017, 11:25 am

Pakistan cricketer killed by bouncer

World cricket has been rocked by the death of Pakistan batsman Zubair Ahmed after he was hit by a bouncer during a match. Reports from Pakistan said Ahmed, who played four matches for the List A and Twenty20 team Quetta Bears in his homeland, was hit in ...
Posted: August 16, 2017, 12:37 am

India and Pakistan at 70: their years of independence in charts

At the time of independence, Indian output represented around 15 per cent that of the US. Now the Indian economy is around half the size of the US. When measured at “purchasing power parity” — which adjusts for the fact that locally traded goods and ...
Posted: August 15, 2017, 3:39 pm

Sri Lanka board president wants Pakistan tour for first time since 2009

Sri Lanka Cricket president Thilanga Sumathipala wants his team to tour Pakistan for the first time since their bus was attacked by gunmen in Lahore. Since that 2009 attack, Zimbabwe have been the only full international side to tour Pakistan, playing five ...
Posted: August 16, 2017, 9:51 am

Pakistan court seeks to amend blasphemy law

Blasphemy and accusations of the crime have led to the deaths of dozens of people in Pakistan since 1990. Rights groups have repeatedly criticised and called for the reform or repeal of the country's controversial blasphemy laws, which date back to the ...
Posted: August 16, 2017, 9:38 am
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