Pop star Katy Perry has officially listed her DeWitt Residence/Park Hill house in Laurel Canyon, and it is looking pretty fine. Perry bought the house in 2011 with then-husband Russell Brand (from former National Lampoon CEO Daniel Laikin, who went to jail for securities fraud), but according to the ever-reliable Real Estalker, never actually lived there. She got the property in the divorce and has been quietly trying to unload it off-market for a while now (for a rumored $8ish million). The house was designed by Charles H. Kyson and built in 1925 for early Hollywood developer CF DeWitt, according to Paradise Leased; it comes with two-story entry and living room; a guesthouse with a caretaker’s apartment, studio, and carriage house; a second guesthouse dating from 2004; a pool with waterfall; and nearly three acres. Asking price is $6.925 million. · Katy Perry Pretty Desperate to Off-Load Laurel’s DeWitt House [Curbed LA]

[source: curbed.com]

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