John Mars Net Worth is$13.8 Billion
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Profession: Businessperson, Singer

Nicknames: John Franklyn Mars

Country: United States of America

John Mars is a Wyoming-based businessman with an estimated net worth of $13.8 billion dollars. The son and grandson of Forrest Mars, Jr. and Frank C. Mars, respectively, John Mars is the Chairman of the Mars, Incorporated, the successful candy company with brands such as Mars, M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers, and Juicy Fruit. Mars has accumulated that impressive net worth thanks to his being born into the famous Mars family, who are the owners of the candy company responsible for some of the most well selling candies and snack foods in America, including 3 Musketeers, Snickers, M&Ms, Skiddles, Combos, and many more. Despite his famous name, John Mars has generally seen fit to remain outside the spotlight, living a private and (some would say) reclusive life in his home in Jackson, Wyoming. One example of this commitment to privacy is illustrated in his being featured in Forbes magazine's annual profile of the richest people in the world - John Mars is the highest ranking individual on the list who doesn't have a photo on file with the magazine. Mars' personal life is as ostensibly smooth and steady as his work in the business world. He's been married to the same woman, Adrienne Bevis, since 1959. Together they have three children: Linda Anne Mars, Frank Edward Mars, and Michael John Mars. While he might not be a very visible billionaire, John Mars has guided Mars Incorporated into one of the most respected candy brands in the world. Other Mars family member's net worths: Forrest Mars Net Worth Jacqueline Mars Net Worth Forrest Mars Jr Net Worth
John Mars is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and percussionist.
Mars began his musical training at Sykes Music in Brantford, Ontario where he studied the drums with Carl Lemke. In the late 1960s he played the drums in the band John Mars and the Martians with bassist Kevin Cosman and guitarist Stan Baka. The group disbanded after Baka was killed by a drunk driver. Mard then moved to Toronto where he met pianist Stuart Broomer and saxophonist Bill Smith. The three men formed the successful jazz trio "Broomer, Mars & Smith" which actively performed throughout the 1970s. In 1980 Smith left to pursue other projects and the duo "Stuart Broomer & John Mars" was formed. The duo performed up through 1986 and notably released the 1983 album, Annihilated Surprise, on Ugly Dog Records.
While performing in the jazz duo with Broomer, Mars performed con-currently in the rock band Brian's Children which he established with guitarist /songwriter Dave Templeton (Temps) and drummer Teddy Fury in 1979. For this group, Martin served as lead singer and the main songwriter. The group released one single Cut Her Hair b/w Oh Yeah which was produced by Daniel Lanois. In 1986 Mars shortened the band's name to The Children and formed a new band with guitarist/songwriter Aurelio Lanzalone and bassist Mark Sinkowski. The group performed up through 1991 and went through several membership changes.
In 1988 Mars began performing in the Ontario area with guitarist David Essig. In the mid-90's he met guitaist Mike Ardelli and the two began performing with their mutual pal drumist Glenn Kimberley in an ad hoc group called the Natural Born Lovers. The band played rockabilly/roots in concert series at various universities. The band disbanded when Ardelli died of a brain tumor at the age of 24.

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BWW Review: MEN ARE FROM MARS... at the DCPA's Garner Galleria

A production of Men Are From Mars - Women Are From Venus Live ... Led by witty and charming host Amadeo Fusca, the show utilizes major points from John Gray's 1992 book, effervescently explaining why women clean and nag while men are inherently lazy.
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See wispy clouds drift across the sky on Mars

The images represent Curiosity's best look yet at clouds on Mars. "It is likely that the clouds are composed of crystals of water ice that condense out onto dust grains where it is cold in the atmosphere," said John Moores, a member of the Curiosity ...
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19th century farm house blends history with comfort near Mars: Cool Spaces

According to the indenture dated April 17, 1846, the Rev. John Galbraith purchased the land for $548.80 ... Both are buried in the Mars Cemetery less than 3 miles from their home on Three Degree Road. The property changed hands over the next century ...
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Curiosity sends ‘most clearly visible images’ of Mars clouds

Washington, Aug 11 (PTI) NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has captured its most clearly visible ... where it is cold in the atmosphere,” said Curiosity science-team member John Moores of York University in Canada. “The wisps are created as those crystals ...
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