Let’s all apologize now to Jennifer Aniston for being a little skeptical about that $42 million price tag that she slapped on her Hal Levitt house in the Trousdale Estates in February (the MLS listing finally appeared in April). The LA Times reports she’s sold it for somewhere between $37 and $38 million. Yes, Aniston put a lot of money into the house to get it Architectural Digest-ready, but considering she bought it for $13.5 million in 2006, that’s probably still a pretty profit. The Real Estalker is absolutely sure that the buyer is an Orange County mutual fund manager named Bill Gross. Meanwhile, Aniston is renovating a couple of apartments in Manhattan’s West Village. · Jennifer Aniston sells Beverly Hills estate [LAT] · UPDATE: Jennifer Aniston, Lucky Lady [Real Estalker] · Got $42 Million? Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Hal Levitt House [Curbed LA] · The Kitchen (and Bedroom, and More) in Jen Aniston’s Hal Levitt [Curbed LA]

[source: curbed.com]

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