You have asked if Koenigsegg is faster than Ferrari Enzo.  And here is the answer in the form of a race video between Koenigsegg and Ferrari.

While they are both engineering masterpieces, attention to details is required when comparing these two speed legend super cars.  Ferrari’s king is surely the famous Ferrari Enzo while Koenigsegg comes in two major flavor of Koenigsegg Agera and Koenigsegg CCX (aka Koenigsegg CCXR).  Both of these cars have 0-60 MPH in less than 4 seconds and they can drive faster than 300 Km/h while Koenigsegg nominal speed is recorded to be as high as 350 Km/h.  Hope you enjoy this video and photo album.


Is Ferrari Enzo faster than Koenigsegg? Latest News

Is The Ferrari 488 GTB Better Than The Legendary Enzo?

more than four times its original price tag. Despite the 488 GTB's modern performance, one simply cannot deny the pure emotions associated with the vicious V12 beast. There will always be a faster Ferrari, but there will never be another Enzo.
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How Much Faster is a Koenigsegg Agera R Than a Ferrari 458?

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So why am I know grinning from ear-to-ear, screaming profanities into a GoPro while racing the new 812 around Fiorano faster than God (or, bowing to an even greater deity, Enzo Ferrari) could ever have imagined? Because of some magic I suspect that is the ...
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Ferrari 812 Superfast: First Drive

Witness modern Ferrari at its best, indulgent and glamorous and driver-focused. Not to mention fast. The F12 packed 730 hp and lapped the Fiorano test track, a time-honored reference, faster than the Enzo. It was a siren. Just one problem: It scared the ...
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LaFerrari Vs. Enzo In Ferrari Flagship Rev Off: Video

On the scale of glorious engine noises, most anything produced by Ferrari ... compared to the Enzo. Each is an astonishing car, but it's clear that the LaFerrari has come back in time from a future world filled with glorious noise and faster-revving ...
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