Ingvar Kamprad Net Worth is$43 Billion
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Profession: Entrepreneur

Date of Birth: Mar 30, 1926

Nicknames: Ingvar Feodor Kamprad

Country: Sweden

What is Ingvar Kamprad's net worth? Ingvar Kamprad is a businessman and the founder of IKEA with an estimated worth of $43 billion dollars. Ingvar Kamprad was born in Sweden and went into business early in life. He is known for his frugality and tendency towards penny pinching, as much as for his amassed wealth and success. He accumulated his net worth largely through his business ventures such as IKEA. Kamprad began his career as a salesman at a very young age, buying matches in bulk and selling them at a discount. From there, it wasn't long before he began selling other items, including fish, Christmas tree decorations, seeds, ballpoint pens, and pencils. Eventually he added furniture to the mix, and the largely mail-order business that was IKEA was born. Kamprad is also well-known for his surprisingly low-key lifestyle given his massive net worth. He only travels by economy class, for instance, and is reported to do things like recycle tea bags and keep salt and pepper from restaurants for himself. This fastidious sense of cost consciousness is reflected in IKEA, which is known for its cost saving measures and its low prices compared to other furniture dealers. It is also reflected in this quote from Kamprad, which also doubles as his personal and corporate philosophy: "It is not only for cost reasons that we avoid the luxury hotels. We don't need flashy cars, impressive titles, uniforms or other status symbols. We rely on our strength and our will!"
Ingvar Feodor Kamprad ( pronunciation (; born 30 March 1926) is a Swedish business magnate and the founder of IKEA, a retail company.
According to Swedish business weekly Veckans Aff"arer, he is the wealthiest person in the world with an estimated wealth of between $50bn and $90bn, owning the IKEA franchise through Interogo Foundation and Stichting INGKA Foundation.
Ingvar Kamprad was born in Pj"atteryd, now part of "Almhult Municipality, and grew up on a farm called Elmtaryd (now spelled "Almtaryd), near the small village of Agunnaryd in Ljungby Municipality in the province of Smaland, Sweden.
He is a second generation Swede of German descent, his grandfather having moved the family to Sweden from Germany.
Kamprads second wife Margareta passed away from an undisclosed disease on the 12th of December, 2011
Kamprad began to develop a business as a young boy, selling matches to neighbors from his bicycle. He found that he could buy matches in bulk very cheaply from Stockholm, sell them individually at a low price, and still make a good profit. From matches, he expanded to selling fish, Christmas tree decorations, seeds, and later ballpoint pens and pencils. When Kamprad was 17, his father gave him a cash reward for succeeding in his studies.
IKEA was founded in 1943 at his uncle Ernst's kitchen table. In 1948, Kamprad diversified his portfolio, adding furniture. His business was mostly-mail order.
The acronym IKEA is made up of the initials of his name (Ingvar Kamprad) plus those of Elmtaryd, the family farm where he was born, and the nearby village Agunnaryd.
Kamprad has lived in Epalinges, Switzerland since 1976. According to an interview with TSR, the French language Swiss TV broadcaster, Kamprad drives a 15-year-old Volvo 240, flies only economy class, and encourages IKEA employees always to write on both sides of a paper. He reportedly recycles tea bags and is known to pocket the salt and pepper packets at restaurants." In additi

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Swedish business magnate Ingvar Kamprad has been at the helm of IKEA, one of the world's largest furniture stores and most beloved brands, for more than 70 years. With a net worth of $48.1 billion, he's now one of the world's richest self-made billionaires.
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The frugal billionaire: IKEA magnate lives in modest house, eats at his store's cafe and shops at local market

Yet Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of global juggernaut IKEA, lives in an unassuming bungalow, favours the meatballs sold by his stores and only ever flies economy class, even though he could own a private jet without it even denting his personal fortune.
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This is what Ikea stands for… and the name of the furniture store isn’t even a Swedish word

The business was given its name by its founder Ingvar Kamprad who began the company in 1947 in his native Sweden. He was able to start the now-global brand at the age of just 17 using money he was given as a reward from his dad after he did well at school.
Posted: August 15, 2017, 1:30 am

What does Ikea mean? This is what it stands for

What can we say guys, we were born to teach. Anyway, back to Ikea. The name is actually an acronym, standing for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. The brand explains on its website: "When Ingvar Kamprad is 17 (in 1943), his father gives him money as a ...
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