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Official Name: City of Indianapolis

Image Skyline: IndianapolisC12.png

Settlement Type: City

Nickname: Indy, The Circle City,, Amateur Sports Capital of the World

Image Caption: Downtown Indianapolis skyline with the Chase Tower (Indianapolis) in the center, Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument (Indianapolis), Indiana Statehouse, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indiana World War Memorial Plaza, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Image Flag: Flag of Indianapolis.svg

Image Seal: Indianapolis Seal.png

Image Map: Marion County Indiana Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Indianapolis Highlighted.svg

Mapsize: 250px

Map Caption: Location in the state of Indiana

Pushpin Map: USA2

Pushpin Map Caption: Location in the United States

Coordinates Region: US-IN

Subdivision Type: List of countries

Subdivision Name: United States

Subdivision Type 1: U.S. state

Subdivision Name 1: Indiana

Subdivision Type 2: List of counties in Indiana

Subdivision Name 2: Marion County, Indiana

Subdivision Type 3: Townships

Subdivision Name 3: ''See Marion County, Indiana#Townships''

Government Type: Mayor-council government

Leader Title: List of mayors of Indianapolis

Leader Name: Gregory A. Ballard (Republican Party (United States))

Leader Title 1: Governing body

Leader Name 1: Indianapolis City-County Council

Established Title: Founded

Established Date: 1821

Area Magnitude: 1 E8

Unit Pref: Imperial

Area Total Sq Mi: 372

Area Total Km 2: 963.5

Area Land Sq Mi: 365.1

Area Land Km 2: 945.6

Area Water Sq Mi: 6.9

Area Water Km 2: 17.9

Population Urban: 1,218,919

Population As Of: 2010 United States Census

Population Metro: 1,756,241 (Table of United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas)

Population Note: MSA/CSA

Population Total: 829,718 (List of United States cities by population)

CSA: 2,080,782

Population Density Sq Mi: 2273

Population Density Km 2: 861

Population Footnotes:
Elevation M: 218

Elevation Ft: 715

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

Utc Offset: -5

Timezone DST: Eastern Daylight Time

Utc Offset DST: -4

Postal Code Type: ZIP Codes

Postal Code: title

Twin 1: Campinas

Twin 1 Country: twin2

Twin 2 Country: {{GER

Twin 3: Northampton

Twin 3 Country: United Kingdom

Twin 4: Hangzhou

Twin 4 Country: twin5

Twin 5 Country: {{IND

Twin 6: Monza

Twin 6 Country: twin7

Twin 7 Country: {{SLO

Area Code: Area code 317

Twin 8: Taipei

Twin 8 Country: latd

Latm: 46

Lat NS: N

Longd: 86

Longm: 9

Long EW: W

Website: []

Blank Name: Federal Information Processing Standard

Blank Info: 18-36003{{GR/2/dateform

Blank 2 Name: Interstate Highways

Blank 2 Info: Interstate 64 in Indiana, Interstate 69 in Indiana, Interstate 70, Interstate 74

Blank 3 Name: List of auxiliary Interstate Highwayss

Blank 3 Info: Interstate 465, Interstate 865

Blank 4 Name: Waterways

Blank 4 Info: White River (Indiana), Fall Creek (Indiana), Indiana Central Canal

Blank 5 Name: Airports

Blank 5 Info: Indianapolis International Airport

Blank 6 Name: Public transit

Blank 6 Info: Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation , Clarian Health People Mover

Blank 7 Name: Railroads

Blank 7 Info: Indianapolis Union Station


'''Indianapolis''' Icon|?|?|n|d|i|?|?|n|æ|p|o-|l|?|s (abbreviated '''Indy''' ?|?|n|d|i) Is The List Of Capitals In The United States#State Capitals Of The U.S. State]] Of Indiana, And Also The County Seat Of Marion County, Indiana. As Of The 2010 United States Census, The City's Population Is 829,718.title: U.S. Census Bureau Delivers Indiana's 2010 Census Population Totals, Including First Look at Race and Hispanic Origin Data for Legislative Redistricting/url

Title: The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis/publisher


Isbn: 0-253-31222-1 p. 1042
Indianapolis was selected as the site of the new state capital in 1820, the old state capital having been Corydon, Indiana since the formation of the state of Indiana in 1816. While most American state capitals tend to be located in the central region of their respective states, Indianapolis is the closest capital to being placed in the exact center of its state.
Title: NCDC: U.S. Climate Normals

Accessdate: March 20, 2009

Publisher: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/date

Title: Average Weather for Indianapolis International Airport, IN — Temperature and Precipitation

Accessdate: June 28, 2010

Publisher: The Weather Channel

Location: Indianapolis (Indianapolis International Airport), 1981–2010 normals

Single Line: y

Jan Record High F: 71

Feb Record High F: 76

Mar Record High F: 85

Apr Record High F: 90

May Record High F: 96

Jun Record High F: 104

Jul Record High F: 106

Aug Record High F: 103

Sep Record High F: 100

Oct Record High F: 91

Nov Record High F: 81

Dec Record High F: 74

Year Record High F: 106

Jan High F: 35.9

Feb High F: 40.5

Mar High F: 51.9

Apr High F: 63.7

May High F: 73.1

Jun High F: 82.2

Jul High F: 85.2

Aug High F: 84.2

Sep High F: 77.9

Oct High F: 65.6

Nov High F: 52.5

Dec High F: 39.2

Year High F: 62.7

Jan Low F: 20.4

Feb Low F: 23.9

Mar Low F: 32.7

Apr Low F: 42.7

May Low F: 52.6

Jun Low F: 62.2

Jul Low F: 65.8

Aug Low F: 64.4

Sep Low F: 56.3

Oct Low F: 44.7

Nov Low F: 35.1

Dec Low F: 24.4

Year Low F: 43.8

Jan Record Low F: ?27

Feb Record Low F: ?21

Mar Record Low F: ?7

Apr Record Low F: 18

May Record Low F: 28

Jun Record Low F: 37

Jul Record Low F: 46

Aug Record Low F: 41

Sep Record Low F: 30

Oct Record Low F: 20

Nov Record Low F: ?5

Dec Record Low F: ?23

Year Record Low F: ?27

Jan Precipitation Inch: 2.66

Feb Precipitation Inch: 2.32

Mar Precipitation Inch: 3.56

Apr Precipitation Inch: 3.80

May Precipitation Inch: 5.05

Jun Precipitation Inch: 4.24

Jul Precipitation Inch: 4.55

Aug Precipitation Inch: 3.13

Sep Precipitation Inch: 3.12

Oct Precipitation Inch: 3.12

Nov Precipitation Inch: 3.70

Dec Precipitation Inch: 3.16

Year Precipitation Inch: 42.40

Precipitation Colour: green

Jan Snow Inch: 8.8

Feb Snow Inch: 6.5

Mar Snow Inch: 2.6

Apr Snow Inch: 0.2

May Snow Inch: 0

Jun Snow Inch: 0

Jul Snow Inch: 0

Aug Snow Inch: 0

Sep Snow Inch: 0

Oct Snow Inch: 0.4

Nov Snow Inch: 1.5

Dec Snow Inch: 6.9

Year Snow Inch: 27.0

Jan Precipitation Days: 12.1

Feb Precipitation Days: 10.0

Mar Precipitation Days: 11.9

Apr Precipitation Days: 12.0

May Precipitation Days: 13.1

Jun Precipitation Days: 11.1

Jul Precipitation Days: 10.5

Aug Precipitation Days: 8.5

Sep Precipitation Days: 8.1

Oct Precipitation Days: 8.6

Nov Precipitation Days: 10.8

Dec Precipitation Days: 12.5

Unit Precipitation Days: 0.01 in

Jan Snow Days: 7.5

Feb Snow Days: 5.4

Mar Snow Days: 2.4

Apr Snow Days: 0.4

May Snow Days: 0

Jun Snow Days: 0

Jul Snow Days: 0

Aug Snow Days: 0

Sep Snow Days: 0

Oct Snow Days: 0.2

Nov Snow Days: 1.2

Dec Snow Days: 6.3

Unit Snow Days: 0.1 in

Jan Percentsun: 40

Feb Percentsun: 49

Mar Percentsun: 50

Apr Percentsun: 54

May Percentsun: 60

Jun Percentsun: 65

Jul Percentsun: 66

Aug Percentsun: 68

Sep Percentsun: 65

Oct Percentsun: 61

Nov Percentsun: 41

Dec Percentsun: 38

Year Percentsun: 55

Source 1: NOAA, Average Percent Sunshine through 2009

Title: Average Percent Sunshine through 2009

Accessdate: 2012-11-14

Publisher: National Climatic Data Center

Source 2: The Weather Channel (records)

Date: November 2012}}

1840: 2692

1850: 8091

1860: 18611

1870: 48244

1880: 75056

1890: 105436

1900: 169164

1910: 233650

1920: 314194

1930: 364161

1940: 386972

1950: 427173

1960: 476258

1970: 744624

1980: 700807

1990: 731327

2000: 781926

2010: 829445

Estimate: 836609

Estyear: 2011

[ U.S. Decennial Census],

Indianapolis /E?E?ndiE?E?nA?pEulE?s/ (abbreviated Indy /E?E?ndi/) is the capital city of the U.S. state of Indiana, and also the county seat of Marion County. As of the 2010 census, the city's population is 829,718. It is the twelfth largest city in the United States, and one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States.
Historically, Indianapolis has oriented itself around government and industry, particularly manufacturing. Over the late decades of the 20th century, the city's Unigov began a long process to revitalize the downtown area. Today, Indianapolis has a much more diversified economy, contributing to the fields of education, health care, and finance. Tourism is also a vital part of the economy of Indianapolis, and the city plays host to numerous conventions and sporting events. Of these, perhaps the most well known are the annual Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400, and NHRA U.S. Nationals. Other major sporting events include the Men's and Women's NCAA Basketball Tournaments. Indianapolis also hosted the 2012 Super Bowl, a game that featured the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots.
Both Forbes and rank Indianapolis as one of the best downtowns in the United States citing "more than 200 retail shops, more than 35 hotels, nearly 300 restaurants and food options, movie theaters, sports venues, museums, art galleries and parks" as attractions.Greater Indianapolis has seen moderate growth among U.S. cities. The population of the metropolitan statistical area was 1,756,241 according to the 2010 Census, making it the 34th-largest in the United States. The 2010 population of the Indianapolis combined statistical area, a larger trade area, was 2,080,782, the 23rd-largest in the country.
Native Americans who lived in the area originally included the Miami and Lenape (or Delaware) tribes, but they were displaced from the area by the early 1820s.
Indianapolis was selected as the site of the new state capital in

Indianapolis IN Latest News

Colts blow 10-point first quarter lead, lose home opener in OT

INDIANAPOLIS — The start was better. The finish was atrocious. The Colts blew a 10-point fourth-quarter lead Sunday against Arizona and lost 16-13 in overtime at Lucas Oil Stadium to fall to 0-2 for the fourth consecutive season. Indianapolis is just 2 ...
Posted: September 18, 2017, 4:44 am

Longtime OB-GYN named new Indiana state health commissioner

She earned her undergraduate degree at Indiana University in Bloomington and her medical degree at the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis. She completed a four-year residency in OB/GYN at IU.
Posted: September 18, 2017, 8:22 pm

Ping-pong cafe opening in downtown Indy

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis will be invited to meet, drink and pong this fall when the city’s first ping pong café opens downtown. Customers can enjoy fresh-brewed coffee, craft beer, wine and sharpen their ping pong skills morning, noon or night when ...
Posted: September 18, 2017, 5:23 pm

Arizona Cardinals' defense played a role in comeback win over Indianapolis Colts

INDIANAPOLIS -- While quarterback Carson Palmer and kicker Phil Dawson produced the momentum-changing plays during the Arizona Cardinals' 16-13 overtime, come-from-behind victory Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, the Cardinals' defense came to the ...
Posted: September 17, 2017, 9:41 pm

This is Indiana's best dive bar

This is Indiana's best dive bar Thrillist and an IndyStar staffer agree. One Indianapolis hole-in-the-wall is the Hoosier state's best dive bar. Check out this story on
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