The whole reason everyone moves to Los Angeles is was to live near celebrities, right? That’s why we’re all here, yes? Ok, then, we hope you like Miley Cyrus, because otherwise it’s gonna get pricey. Yep: famous people tend to live in fancy, expensive neighborhoods. If you’d like to know exactly how expensive, the lovely folks at rental site Lovely have crunched the numbers:Ashton Kutcher: Near Lake Hollywood, where Kutcher has a glassy bachelor pad, one-bedrooms go for a median $1,691 per month. A room in a three-bedroom is $1,689.Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel: Over in their neck of the Hollywood Hills, one-bedrooms average $1,625 per month. A room in a two-bedroom is $1,266.Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner: Bennifer II paid $17.5 million in Pacific Palisades, but a one-bedroom rental will cost you just (“just”) $1,935 a month (that’s the median rent). Or if you just want to crash in a room in a two-bedroom, it’ll be $1,378.Rihanna: After ditching Beverly Hills Post Office, Rihanna’s also moved out to the Palisades–a room in a two-bedroom nearby is $1,715. One-bedrooms nearby are $1,953 per month.David and Victoria Beckham: Well, they’ve gone back to England now, but they were living in a $22 million mansion in Beverly Hills. You can get a room in a two-bedroom in the ‘hood for a low, low $1,822.Kim Kardashian/Kanye West: They’re not yet living in their $10.75-million house in Bel Air Crest, but if you want to get in now (maybe you’re a paparazzo?), you can get a room in a two-bedroom nearby for $1,683 per month.Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux: When the couple finally move into Jen’s A. Quincy Jones in Bel Air, camp out nearby in a two-bedroom for $1,827 per room. A one-bedroom would be $2,033.Miley Cyrus: Miley keeps it real in Studio City (in a cute modern house, actually). A one-bedroom nearby is a fairly reasonable $1,418 per month.Hugh Hefner: The Playboy Mansion sits in one of the best parts of one of the best neighborhoods in town (South Mapleton in Holmby Hills), and if you can somehow track down a one-bedroom nearby, it’ll cost you $2,112 per month. A room in a two-bedroom gets you down to $1,588. · Celebrity Real Estate [Curbed LA]


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