Cyprus Net Worth is21,000 GDP/Capital ($)
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Conventional Long Name: Republic of Cyprus

Native Name: el/???????? ??????????, tr/K?br?s Cumhuriyeti

Common Name: Cyprus

Image Flag: Flag of Cyprus (2006).svg

Image Coat: Coat of Arms of Cyprus.svg

Image Map: EU-Cyprus.svg

Map Caption: location color

National Anthem:

Languages Type: Official languages
Languages: Greek language /Turkish language

Demonym: Cypriot

Ethnic Groups: {{unbulleted list /77% Greek Cypriots /18% Turkish Cypriots /5% other}}

Ethnic Groups Year: 2010
Capital: Nicosia {{small/(????????, Lefko?a)}}

Latd: 35 /latm

Largest City: capital

Government Type: Unitary state Presidential system constitutional republic

Leader Title 1: President of Cyprus

Leader Name 1: Dimitris Christofias

Legislature: House of Representatives (Cyprus)

Accession EU Date: 1 May 2004

Area Rank: 168th

Area Magnitude: 1 E9

Area Label: Island
Area Km 2: 9,251

Area Sq Mi: 3,572

Percent Water: negligible

Population Estimate: 1,099,341
Population Estimate Year: 2011

Population Estimate Rank: 159th

Population Census: 838,897
Population Census Year: 2011

Population Density Km 2: 117

Population Density Sq Mi: 221

Population Density Rank: 115th

GDP PPP: $23.728 billion
GDP PPP Year: 2011

GDP PPP Per Capita: $29,074
GDP Nominal: $24.949 billion
GDP Nominal Year: 2011

GDP Nominal Per Capita: $30,570
Gini: 29

Gini Year: 2005

Gini Rank: 19th

Gini Category:
HDI Year: 2011

HDI: {{increase 0.840}}

HDI Rank: 31st

HDI Category:
Sovereignty Type: Independence from the United Kingdom

Established Event 1: Zürich and London Agreement

Established Date 1: 19 February 1959

Established Event 2: Independence proclaimed

Established Date 2: 16 August 1960

Currency: Euro

Currency Code: EUR

Time Zone: Eastern European Time

Utc Offset: +2

Time Zone DST: Eastern European Summer Time

Utc Offset DST: +3

Drives On: left

Cctld: .cy
Country Code: CY (ISO 3166)

Calling Code: Telephone numbers in Cyprus

Footnotes: group

Cyprus i/E?saE?prE?s/ (Greek: I?I?I?I?I?I?, KA 1/2 pros, IPA: [E?cipE 3/4 os]; Turkish: KA?brA?s, IPA: [E?kE?bE 3/4 E?s]), officially the Republic of Cyprus (Greek: I?I?I?I?I?I?I?I(R) I?I?I 1/4 I?I?I?I?I?I?I?, KypriakA<The earliest known human activity on the island dates back to around the 10th millennium BC. Archaeological remains from this period include the well-preserved Neolithic village of Khirokitia, which has been declared a World Heritage Site with an "enhanced protection" status in the event of armed conflict by UNESCO, along with the archaeological sites of Paphos and the Painted Churches of the Troodos Region. Cyprus is home to some of the oldest water wells in the world.
Cyprus was settled by Mycenean Greeks in two waves in the 2nd millennium BC. As a strategic location in the Middle East, it was subsequently occupied by several major powers, including the empires of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Persians, from whom the island was seized in 333 BC by Alexander the Great. Subsequent rule by Ptolemaic Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, Arab caliphates for a short period, the French Lusignan dynasty, and the Venetians, was followed by the Ottoman conquest in 1571. It remained under Ottoman control for over three centuries. Cyprus was placed under British administration in 1878 until it was granted independence in 1960, becoming a member of the Commonwealth the following year.
In 1974, seven years after the intercommunal violence between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, an attempted coup d'A(C)tat by Greek Cypriot nationalists

Cyprus Latest News

Turks celebrate 1964 napalm bombing of Cyprus

Cyprus is Turkish, after all. Turks can do whatever they want there. They can even celebrate dropping napalm on Greeks and slaughtering them. On August 8, Muslim Turkish Cypriots and illegal settlers from Turkey celebrated the 53rd anniversary of Turkey ...
Posted: August 15, 2017, 12:34 pm

Larnaka Cyprus: Top European airport

Larnaka International Airport in Cyprus has remained third among the European airports with passenger traffic of 5 to 10 million per year, which had the largest increase in passenger traffic since March. According to ACI Europe (press release attached), in ...
Posted: August 12, 2017, 1:46 pm

Nepali girl found unconscious dies while being rushed to hospital in Cyprus

KATHMANDU, August 15: One Nepali girl, 22, found unconscious in Cyprus breathed her last as she was being rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. She was found unconscious on Sunday evening near a swimming pool where she had gone to spend her off-day.
Posted: August 15, 2017, 2:52 am

Cyprus sends fire fighters to help combat Greece's rogue fires

NICOSIA, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Cyprus sent 60 firefighters to help in combating fires which are raging out of control in several areas of the country, including some popular tourist islands. The firefighters, along with some vehicles, were flown to Greece by ...
Posted: August 15, 2017, 12:28 pm

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