[Image via Triangle Modernist Houses]Updated 12:30 pm: Late last week, the Mossler Properties blog reported that Bob and Dolores Hope’s John Lautner-designed house in Palm Springs is hitting the market and rumored to be asking $45 million. The house was designed in 1973 and built in 1979 (the first effort burnt down right before it was finished); it’s about 22,000 square feet and sits on the architecturally-rich Southridge Drive (it’s just above the Elrod House, which hit the market in 2009 asking $13.89 million but failed to sell); Mossler calls it “one of the most distinctive works of architecture in the entire Coachella Valley.” According to the Desert Sun, the house has six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a “mushroom-shaped roof,” and “a huge bo[u]lder jut[ting] out of the floor of the living room.” However, Triangle Modernist Houses says that “Dolores Hope made sweeping changes to the second design – so much so that Lautner eventually¬†distanced himself from the project.” Dolores Hope died last year. Update: It’s been confirmed that the house will be listed in January by Partners Trust of Beverly Hills and Windermere Real Estate in Palm Springs.[Image via Triangle Modernist Houses] ¬∑ The Dolores and Bob Hope Estate – John Lautner, F.A.I.A. [Mossler Properties Blog]

[source: curbed.com]

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