You might not believe this, but BMW really designed this concept BMW on paper for a 4-year old little boy named Eli who envisioned it with 42 wheels and 19 engines !  It is named BMW 4219 Eli and it has the following features:

– 42 wheels – all of them powered.
– 19 engines – oddly all of them from Porsche!
– Three different driver’s seats with three different steering wheels.
– and of course a trunk full of toys which also acts as a playroom.

Now that’s a cool BMW !   Thanks Eli !

BMW 4219 Eli concept Latest News

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some really cool car ideas for gta5 online

dear rockstar, I have a couple of suggestions for in game cars that would be really cool. first is the Maybach zombie car, check it out. And second is the BMW 4219 Eli, that one is just ridiculous. I really hope to see some creations like these in the game.
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Two sides of the big BMW coin. Today, however, BMW is very very okay in my book. Because they took real serious-business company time to make this wonderful rendering of a four-year old's dream car. That four-year old gearhead is Eli, and Eli's dream was ...
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