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Native Name: {{resize/150%/{{lang/bn/?????????????? ????????}}}}, ''inc-Latn/G├┤noprojatontri Bangladesh''

Conventional Long Name: People's Republic of Bangladesh

Common Name: Bangladesh

Image Flag: Flag of Bangladesh.svg

Image Coat: National emblem of Bangladesh.svg

Symbol Type: Emblem

National Anthem: ''Amar Shonar Bangla'',

Image Map: Bangladesh (orthographic projection).svg

Official Languages: Bengali language

Ethnic Groups: 97.2% Bengali people, 2.8% other

Ethnic Groups Year: 1998
Demonym: Demographics of Bangladesh

Capital: Dhaka

Latd: 23 /latm

Largest City: Dhaka

Legislature: ''Jatiyo Sangshad''

Government Type: Unitary state Parliamentary system
Leader Title 1: President of Bangladesh

Leader Name 1: Zillur Rahman

Leader Title 2: Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Leader Name 2: Sheikh Hasina

Leader Title 3: Speaker (politics)

Leader Name 3: Abdul Hamid (politician)

Sovereignty Type: History of Bangladesh

Sovereignty Note: From Pakistan

Established Event 1: Independence Day of Bangladesh

Established Date 1: 26 March 1971

Established Date 2: Current constitution

Established Date 3: 4 November 1972
Area Km 2: 147,570

Area Sq Mi: 56,977

Area Rank: 94th

Percent Water: 6.4

Population Census Year: 2011

Population Estimate: 161,083,804
Population Estimate Year: 2012

Population Estimate Rank: 8th

Population Density Km 2: 1,033.5

Population Density Sq Mi: 2,676.8

Population Density Rank: 9th

GDP PPP Year: 2011

GDP PPP: $282.229 billion
GDP PPP Rank: 44

GDP PPP Per Capita: $1,790.26
GDP PPP Per Capita Rank: 193

GDP Nominal: $113.032 billion
GDP Nominal Year: 2011

GDP Nominal Per Capita: $700.59
Gini: 33.2url

Gini Year: 2005

Gini Category:
HDI Year: 2011

HDI Rank: 146

HDI: {{increase 0.500
HDI Category:
FSI: 95.9 {{decrease 0.4}}

FSI Year: 2007

FSI Rank: 16th

FSI Category:
Currency: Bangladeshi taka

Currency Code: BDT

Time Zone: Bangladesh Standard Time

Utc Offset: +6

Drives On: left

Cctld: .bd

Calling Code: Telephone numbers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh (i/E?bE?E?A?E?lE?dE?E?/ or i/bA?A?E?lE?E?dE?E?/; Bengali: a??a? 3/4 a??a??a? 3/4 a??a??a??), officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (a??a??a??a??a??a??a? 3/4 a??a??a??a??a??a??a?? a??a? 3/4 a??a??a? 3/4 a??a??a?? GA?noprojatontri Bangladesh), is a country in South Asia. It is bordered by India and Burma (Myanmar) and faces the Bay of Bengal to its south. Together with the Indian state of West Bengal, it makes up the ethnolinguistic region of Bengal. The name Bangladesh literally means "Bengal[i] Country" in the official Bengali language.
The present-day borders of the country were established during the British partition of Bengal in 1947, when the region became East Pakistan, part of the newly formed nation of Pakistan. However, it was separated from West Pakistan by nearly 1,500 km (about 900 mi) of Indian territory. Due to political exclusion, ethnic and linguistic discrimination and economic neglect by the politically dominant western wing, popular agitation grew and gave rise to a secular cultural nationalist movement, leading to the declaration of independence and Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. In the aftermath of war and independence, the new state endured poverty, famine, political turmoil and military coups. The restoration of democracy in 1991 has been followed by relative calm and economic progress.
Bangladesh is a unitary secular parliamentary republic, with an elected parliament called the Jatiyo Sangshad. It is the world's eighth most populous country and has one of the highest population densities in the world. The Bengali people form the vast majority of the population, however Bangladesh is also home to various indigenous peoples in its northern and southeastern districts. The country is identified as a Next Eleven economy. It is a founding member of regional groupings SAARC and BIMSTEC, and is a member of the Commonwealth, the Non-Aligned Movement, the OIC and the Developing 8 Countries.
Geographically, the country s

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CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh (Reuters) - A Bangladeshi court on Monday sent a female cricketer to two-days’ police custody after she was arrested with 14,000 pills of popular drug ya ba, as methamphetamine is widely known in Asia, a senior police officer said.
Posted: April 23, 2018, 5:14 am

Fashion brands aren't disclosing information about their supply chains, five years after Bangladesh factory disaster

Some luxury fashion brands including Dior, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana are making public very little or no information about their supply chains and how workers are treated, according to a report out Monday. The Fashion Transparency Index looks at whether ...
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Are drivers alone responsible for road accidents in Bangladesh?

About 500 people on an average have been killed in road crashes in the first three months of this year. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), and Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) have blamed drivers for ...
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Bangladesh Looks to Saudi Arabia in a Twist of Irony

Bangladesh, in a twist of irony, is looking to Saudi Arabia to fund a $ 1 billion plan to build hundreds of mosques and religious centres to counter militant Islam that for much of the past decade traced its roots to ultra-conservative strands of the faith ...
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Bangladesh Set to Reach Economic Par With India

The United Nations Committee for Development Policy announced in March that Bangladesh had successfully met the criteria to graduate from a “least developed country” (LDC) to a “developing country” (DC). That sounds like a lot of bureaucratese.
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