Akio Nitori Net Worth is$Billion
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Nitori lA ha>>? tha>>?ng chua>>?i siA?u tha>>? bA?n la?>> hA ng trang trA- na>>?i tha??t vA A?a>>? gia da>>?ng na>>?i tia??ng ta??i Nha?-t Ba??n. A?AE?a>>?c thA nh la?-p vA o nA?m 1967 ba>>?i A?ng Akio Nitori,ta>><< ma>>?t ca>>-a hA ng A?a>>? na>>?i tha??t nha>>?, A?a??n nay Nitori A?A? phA?t tria>>?n thA nh chua>>?i 255 siA?u tha>>? (thA?ng 3/2011) phA?n ba>>? kha??p Nha?-t Ba??n,tra>>? thA nh ma>>?t thAE?AE?ng hia>>?u quen thua>>?c va>>?i ta??t ca?? ngAE?a>>?i dA?n Nha?-t. Va>>?i cha>>? trAE?AE?ng "giA? ra?>> lA chia??n lAE?a>>?c hA ng A?a??u", thay cho phAE?AE?ng phA?p tA?m kia??m ngua>>?n hA ng ta>><< cA?c trung gian, cA?ng ty thAE?AE?ng ma??i nhAE? nha>>?ng nhA bA?n la?>> khA?c, Nitori tra>>?c tia??p thu mua hA ng hA?a ta>><< nhA sa??n xua??t va>>?i giA? ca?? ca??nh tranh vA tiA?u chua?(C)n cha??t lAE?a>>?ng riA?ng, A?a>>?ng tha>>?i, ta>>? xA?y da>>?ng cA?c nhA mA?y ca>>?a mA?nh, A?a??m nha?-n ta??t ca?? cA?c khA?u ta>><< thu mua nguyA?n lia>>?u, sa??n xua??t, cho A?a??n phA?n pha>>?i, bA?n la?>> hA ng hA?a. Hia>>?n ta??i, Nitori cA? 2 nhA mA?y ta??i ViA?t Nam, Indonesia vA ma>>?t sa>>? a>>? Trung Qua>>?c.

Akio Nitori Latest News

‘Japanese Ikea’ makes room for itself

‘Center for trends’ Tetsuo Kumon, chief financial officer of Aki-Home and an executive officer for Nitori Holdings, said the company chose Southern California for its stateside launch because founder and President Akio Nitori considers the region a ...
Posted: November 12, 2013, 10:40 am

Japan's Budget Furniture King Discounted His Way to a Fortune

Akio Nitori, took an unusual step. He hired a team of auto industry engineers to revamp his quality assurance and testing division. Ten years later, every one of Nitori Holdings Co.’s products must survive a furniture torture chamber before they’re ...
Posted: May 31, 2017, 10:39 pm

Nitori founder steps back, but not ready for easy chair

TOKYO -- Charismatic founders can be tough acts to follow. Some make way for their children. But Akio Nitori, who built a store in the northern city of Sapporo into Japan's biggest furniture retailer, has forsworn hereditary succession. On Thursday ...
Posted: January 26, 2016, 8:20 pm

Budget furniture king Nitori discounted his way to a fortune

Embarrassed by the recall of thousands of kitchenware pots after they appeared to leach lead when heated, discount-furniture king Akio Nitori took an unusual step. He hired a team of auto industry engineers to revamp the quality assurance and testing division.
Posted: May 31, 2017, 8:31 am

Furniture Billionaire Weighs Buying Way Into Japan Apparel

The home furnishing retailer would look for a company with 100 to 200 stores as cash from operations has been increasing by as much as 30 billion yen ($266 million) a year, Nitori chief executive officer Akio Nitori, 72, said in an interview Wednesday.
Posted: February 2, 2017, 8:32 pm
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