The six friends of Friends enjoyed the favor of the real estate gods in their fictional New York apartments–and it seems to have rubbed off in real life too. Has there ever been a single cast made up of so many whales? We don’t think so. Who knows if they were inspired by former Friends husband and noted house collector Brad Pitt or what, but they’ve (almost) all done pretty well for themselves. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, with their dueling A. Quincy Jones houses, lead the pack but the rest of the castmembers show definite signs of a whalish disposition (Matthew Perry is an especially strong runner-up). Of the bunch, Lisa Kudrow has kept her purchases the quietest, but the ever knowledgeable Real Estalker assures she’s done quite well for herself. Matt LeBlanc’s Valley pile doesn’t exactly get our hearts racing, but it seems somehow appropriate for Joey. And now we’ll mention David Schwimmer, because he was on that show too. · Whale Week 2013 [Curbed LA]


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